Willem is the new wave of American Style

Not style as in fashion. But style as in style.

Style as in David Bowie often wearing two different socks.

Style as in Patrick Ewing wearing an undershirt so he doesn't catch a cold.

Style as in picasso wearing a robe and a pirate hat in his studio.

Style as in doing almost everything right and one thing very wrong.

Willem is here to give you what is right.

The perfect imperfection is sold seperately.

Who is Willem?

Willem serves as an adult version of an imaginary friend. We wanted to create a character that had no nine-to-five and had all day to explore. One season Willem may be into punk rock and the next he could be sailing around the world. He is who you want him to be.

What is Willem?

If we had to put our thumb on it we are a menswear brand. We use our clothes to tell stories of creative histories. Each garment contains a chapter in our endless book of creative endeavors. We want to bridge this gap between a wool jacket and a book jacket. Willem is the one exception to judge a book by its cover.

Why Willem?

We obsess over quality and value. All of our clothes are made in some of the best factories in Verona, Italy which we share with some of the top fashion houses of today. We use the direct to consumer model our way, giving you the best quality for the best value. Quality is what makes you feel invincible when wearing a piece of clothing and that is what we strive for.

Willem was established in 2018 by Sean McDonagh in New York City. After years of designing footwear along with other creative endeavors, he set out to tell a full story through clothing.